Monday, 20 May 2013

Home from Home - The Draycott Hotel, London


In keeping with the theme of hotels being 'a home away from home',  how could I not include The Draycott Hotel in Chelsea,  London.  Part of the The Mantis Collection,  this lovely hotel is English, country, cosy,at it's best!

Just off the Sloane Square in Chelsea, the three Edwardian red-brick town houses were renovated to form the Draycott Hotel.  There are 35 rooms, theatrically themed, and named after famous authors and actors!

  Afternoon tea and homemade biscuits,  Champagne at 6.00pm and hot chocolate at 9.30pm are there to delight the guests every day.. a lovely homely touch!  There is an honesty bar in the lounge as well.

The bedrooms are furnished in the quintessential English antique style,  and the suites have fireplaces, many of them with views or access to the lovely  gardens.  

The lounge and dining room were recently refurbished by Nina Campbell.  The General Manager,  Dino has been with the hotel for many years, and is friendly, helpful and most amusing!  Below some photos...

One of the bedrooms

fireplace in our bedroom

Penhaligon's in the bathrooms

The Lounge

Door out to the garden from the lounge
The library .. my favourite room


Reception desk

Dining room


The beautiful private gardens

Thank you Dino and staff!


  1. Fabulous place - mind you I don't keep abreast of London hotels for obvious reasons but I will definitely keep this place in my little information pack for friends who come and visit! You did a great place showing it - I hope you shared this on tripadvisor - those readers would really appreciate it! xx

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    1. I commented instead of replying to your comment...mmm ... Thanks very much Naomi!

  3. Having visited you there, I agree - it really is a lovely hotel. xx

  4. So lovely - it looks like a very nice home, which is what a good hotel should be. Personal, nice little touches, comfortable decor, plus staff. The last bit is on my wish list... sadly the only person pouring me a glass of champagne at 6pm or a hot chocolate at 9.30pm is.... me!! Great location too - Sloane Square and its surrounds was my old stomping ground back when I went to the Inchbald school of Design. Have you been down Pimlico Road yet? xx

    1. I love Pimlico Road Heidi! We had lunch at Daylesford and the shops and galleries around there are wonderful! I have a friend who went to Inchbald .. if I had my life over again, I would definitely want to go there... as it turned out I wasnt at all interested in design at a young age and now I am obsessed with it!! For some people "what I want to do when I grow up" never happens!! xx

  5. Hi Jenny,

    It's indeed a home away from home! So beautiful. I live in London so I don't really look for hotels but it would be nice for a weekend break perhaps or just to recommend to friends visiting.

    Dino looks very friendly! I love those sort of cabinets (?) by the stairs. I love solid wood.

    Lovely photos :)

    1. Thanks so much MsMadge - not sure where you are in London.. but High Tea there in a cosy atmosphere with a friend is a great idea too!... it is very intimate and the library is a wonderful place to sit in... I also adore those wooden cupboards up the stairs! xx

  6. Even tho I am more Marylebone and Belsize Park I do luff Chelsea. I was just there too.

    I miss Londy.


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