Sunday, 9 August 2015



It's always a good weekend when the Bowral markets are on.  Unfortunately,  I left my camera and even my iPhone at home when I walked up to the markets so no snaps this time!  I bought a bunch of Calendulas.  The chap who sold them to me said that like tulips,  they continue growing!  They are guzzling up the water  and they have opened up today.  Such cheery happy flowers in one of my favourite colours!

I do love setting the table for a special meal.  Friends came over for lunch today and I set the table yesterday afternoon as I usually take a bit of time mulling over what to use.  

I also prepared the Moroccan Chicken yesterday afternoon and the couscous, pea soup and salad this morning.  

The pea soup doesn't look very good as the sour cream didn't really blend in.

Bathing the girls had become an emergency.  Penny had rolled in duck pooh (the very worst kind of pooh!).  They love their bath and especially the hairdryer!

Here they are looking gorgeous and waiting for their biscuits!

My potted tulips have grown a lot this week!

The girls get very excited when friends come over and they love nothing more than to be included in the conversation!

Penny keeping her eye on the dip!
Desert was a delicious pear cake I bought at the Bowral Markets.  I heated it in the oven and served it with ice cream... can't go wrong with that!  I love how the stalk of the pear was left in the middle!

Finally,  my darling little Galanthus bulbs are flowering ... I have brought them inside to enjoy them!  Aren't they adorable!

Wishing you all a very happy week, wherever you are!

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