Tuesday, 9 June 2015



I love opening the gate to our garden in Boussac after we've arrived.  The familiar squeak of the gate as it swings open,  reveals the pretty garden. 

I was delighted to notice a couple of Peonies in flower and a couple about to flower.  This is the first time that we have arrived in time to catch them in bloom.  We inherited these Peonies from the previous owner and I'm not too partial to the very strong magenta pink of the blooms.  Deirdre my neighbour has a couple of  pale pink peonies in her garden which I covet!  I ought to get more organised this holiday and plant some for next year if I can find any.

Deirdre's pale pink Peonies

My magenta peonies..

This area in France  is experiencing a bit of a drought at the moment,  and I noticed the Hydrangeas looked a little parched.  

The sprinkler going

Our neighbour, and one of my oldest friends, Deirdre always has us over for dinner the night we arrive in Boussac.  It is always a happy occasion, lots of laughter and delicious food.   After arriving,  I walked over to her house, to lend a hand, just in time to meet Sarah, a local lady, arriving laden with roses.   

 The food below was delicious and plentiful!

I love this view of the haybales from our bathroom

Views through the front door and the hoses going

Some more local roses kindly delivered by Sarah

After living in hotels for the past two weeks,  its great being able to prepare our meals again.

Another lovely neighbour crept into our garden early one morning and left these fresh eggs laid by his hens.  We enjoyed his home made wild dandelion marmalade with our croissants and  his home grown sweet peas are on the sideboard.  
I'm enjoying my favourite breakfast again!

We visited Knole on our garden tour and I am re-reading this biography which I found on the bookshelves.  It all makes more sense now!

These large windows next to the dining table,  opening out to the garden
I've had a quiet couple of days fighting off a fluey bug.  I watched Philomena from the sofa and the last two episodes of Suits!

Hope you're all having a happy week!

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