Thursday, 18 July 2013

A visit to Bowral for the day - and new house updates!


I have been very quiet on the blogging front!  We have not had the internet for over a week!!!.... Bigpond have almost driven Mr R-I to a mental asylum!  I have been using my iphone as a 'hotspot' which is not really reliable and anyone who blogs will know that reliable internet is essential when uploading photos!  

Anyway - we spent the day in Bowral on Tuesday.   I was delighted with the progress of the house as the roof installation is almost complete!  It's amazing how quickly the roof goes on, once all the box-guttering/flashing etc, is completed.  

It had been raining in Bowral and the site was very wet and soggy.  The good thing about having the roof on is that it allows for work to continue inside in all weather.   Some friends popped in as well to see the progress and we had lunch afterwards at our favourite cafe.   

I have also decided on the floor finishes!  Taking a leap of faith and using tiles in the gallery - which is a 2m wide passage, glass doors on either end,   linking the bedroom area and the kitchen.  It has large windows facing the courtyard and I thought tiles here would be great!  I am using timber and sisal carpet everywhere else - Timber in the kitchen/living and butlers pantry ( except there's no butler!).  

Looking at the back garden from the south facing verandah off the gallery.  That large tree is a Ginko Biloba.  The pool is on the left.  There will be a level change and I plan to contain the levels with knee-high stone wall.

Looking back at the courtyard off the gallery and between the kitchen/living and the bedroom wing.

View from the upstairs landing

Taken a few weeks ago before the roof installation

The wide street

The living room - impossible to see this room as it's a complete mess at the moment!

Looking across the courtyard from a kitchen bi-fold window - not the size seen here as it is above bench height.

Looking across the kitchen/living towards the fireplace.

upstairs bathroom window looking onto a lovely tree (in summer)

The Cupola!

Window of Bedroom 3

Looking at the front door entrance area - between the living room and the study(left)

My tile choice for the gallery

Timber floor

Bedroom 1

I am hoping that photos from now on will be a little more interesting!  Have a great weekend!

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