Saturday, 21 September 2013

The new house update!

The project steamed along during our absence, albeit supported by numerous emails/Face Time communications!  The exterior looks almost finished and the back yard has been cleared and mostly levelled.  The exterior painting is also almost complete!  

When visiting the site this week,  I decided that the windows needed a contrast.  I had originally thought walls, windows and architraves should read as one, as there is a lot going on externally - painted brick, weatherboard, peaks and valleys,  but on seeing it, I think the architraves could perhaps be in a contrast colour.  I visited the local paint shop and chose a few variations of green/grey and will hopefully see this applied on Tuesday and will have to make a decision.  Any suggestions would be most welcome! 

We have also had the issue of Solar panels to deal with.  Mr R-I feels very strongly that we should have as many as possible and there is a strong argument to have them installed on the western roof of the garage.. (See photo above).    I have been dead set against this for aesthetic reasons,  although I understand the argument for the installation and we do have Solar panels installed on another western portion of the roof.   I love the Cupola and that whole elevation,  and know that the panels will look awful!.... 

The internal cladding is almost complete and the exciting phase is about to begin.  I am in the process of working on lighting choices, and need to spend the weekend pouring over the final joinery drawings, making sure they are all correct..

The progress has been excellent and although we won't be in for Christmas,  I now think that early in 2014 is a reality. 

The garden is also continually on my mind.  There is a dear little Japanese Maple which I am hoping to "save" for the new garden.  Excavation for the driveway is being done next week,  and although it's a bit late,  we are going to lift this little tree and bag it.  I want to position it in the rear courtyard in a big pot.  The whole root-ball needs to be carefully managed and continual watering afterwards until we do the potting up... 

I am very excited about the commencement of a little potting shed in the back yard, built from hardwood which will grey off naturally.  Filled with  clay pots, plants, and garden paraphernalia and will form a boundary for an outside sitting/eating area... just off from the breakfast room.

The four front pillars which support the small veranda roof were being erected.

The view to the back yard from the entrance hall.

View from the dining room to the living room on the left and the kitchen/breakfast beyond

The breakfast/living room off the kitchen

Rear of the house

Outside of the kitchen/breakfast.. to the left is where the potting shed is going

Position of the potting shed

View from the street

The "Cherry Walk" at the bottom of our street ... a paved walk-way which is literally kilometres long all through and around Bowral.

It's the Southern Highlands Annual Tulip festival next weekend and Corbett Gardens has this mass display of tulips perfectly ready!

There were Bluebells too

A magnificent giant Himalayan Cedar in Corbett Gardens

Have a great weekend everyone!

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