Friday, 31 May 2013

Cold in Capri


We have been lucky enough to visit Capri quite a few times over the years, but never, ever, have we experienced cold weather here.  Talking about the weather feels like a broken record already!  Europe has been stricken with very cold weather for the past month and we have experienced it all - in London and France, but how crazy that it should be as far South as Capri?!

So ... what to do.... blog a little I think!  This family owned hotel has been our home away from home in Capri for many years.  We have got to know the family members really well and enjoy the warmest of greetings each time we return.  

Today, in order not to break ritual with the past we changed rooms!   I have somewhat earned myself a reputation of being called "Mrs Change" ... I just cant help myself..!  Each room in this hotel has it's own charm  with individual redeeming features.  We never really know where we are going to end up until the door is unlocked for us to enter!  As we have stopped going every year,  we have rather lost the ability of specifying our room choice.  

It was raining yesterday morning and I was in stealth mode...I couldn't resist peeping into a lovely room being cleaned!

The hotel was full last night - it seems there was a film crew staying and judging by those at breakfast,  I was in no doubt!... I suppose all film crew talk very loudly, wear hoodies and have cigarettes tucked behind their ears?!  Anyway - they all checked out this morning and how happy I was when I found out that the room I had fancied on yesterday's surreptitious tour was now available.  

After hardly a knock on the door, there she stood - a huge smile on her face - "You Change" said the housekeeper,  standing in the doorway.  She knew and remembered from before  - Signora 'Change'  was at it again.  Her arms full of clothes, she flew down the stairs, her clicking heels drumming up a pace of efficiency,  as we battled to keep up with her.  Suitcases were opened, stuff jammed into them and after 10 minutes,  we had a new home! 

As it turned out,  today has been very cold and wet and the bigger room has been very comfortable!  

We usually eat our lunch by the pool as we did yesterday.  Lunch today was inside - a delicious swordfish and salad.

I have just uploaded pics from my new camera for the first time - am very nervous of this new camera as it is far more complicated than my previous one.  I played with the zoom too

zoom play

View from the 'old room'

Lunch yesterday

Pool side

our walk on the way to dinner last night

Sitting room in the Mamela Hotel

Today's swordfish - inside the dining room

Because of this..

I love these wallpapered cupboard doors

I hope to be able to post about a warm and sunny  Capri before long.. apparently the weather is going to improve the day after next :(

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