Saturday, 29 June 2013

La Creuzette Part 2

Part 2
Art & cookery classes in France

Some of you may have read my first post on La Creuzette - if not see here

When I wrote the first post,  I used my own photos which were taken a couple of years ago.  So much has changed at La Creuzette, and when in France a few weeks ago,  Louis invited me over to "re-fresh"  my photos.   Luckily for me,  a group was arriving the following day which meant that the Chateau was looking tip-top!   For those who have not linked back to my original post,  La Creuzette is a beautiful Chateau, owned by Louis and Hardy.    La Creuzette offers residential art and cooking courses as well as many other activities.  Please have a look at their website here

It was a rainy day so photographs of the garden were difficult.  I hope you enjoy the new photos below ... but be warned - there are many and you might be kept busy for a while!  

The entrance hall

The Salon

The magnificent dining room

The kitchen

View of the garden from the kitchen 

Beautiful staircase leading up to the bedrooms

Piles and piles of magnificent antique French linen

Then down the stairs and outside- a short walk to the Summer kitchen which has been updated

Hardy's pride and joy - the industrial cooking station - wonderful for the cooking classes

The living/dining area off the summer kitchen where students relax between classes and eat more informally.  There is also a Bistro area in the kitchen

Very stylish yet more informal setting

Part of the garden alongside the Summer kitchen

There is a small shop to tempt one!

La Creuzette - an experience never to be forgotten!

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