Monday, 11 May 2015


The garden in Boussac

Penny loves a day out in the garden.  We had a busy day last Tuesday cutting back in the herbaceous garden and planting more Geranium 'Chris Canning'. I love this plant for a few reasons.  The flowers are a  bright, clear blue and they flower throughout summer.  The plant forms a mounded shape and the dissected leaf is also very pretty.  Despite the cold windy weather this past week,  there is still so much colour in the garden.  I took a few photos

Geranium 'Chris Canning'

Miss Penny keeping an eye on things..

I got here first...

Some of the summer blooms that have bravely resisted the cold icy winds...

David Austin's  'Heritage' rose arching gracefully over the entry pathway.


Blue Scabious

Pink Echinacea

Verbascum still attracting the bees

The Echinacea looking a little scraggly

Not long before the succulents start tumbling over the edge of the Acanthus pot.

Mounds of emerald green moss are growing between the brick pavers as well as in some of the flower beds.  I decided to lift some and placed it around my buxus pots.


I had some fun in the potting shed this week, potting up tete daffodils and hyacinth into indoor containers. I love bringing bulbs into the home.

I love the pale, acidic yellow of these orchids I've placed in the living room.  I'm hoping they will last until we return from our holiday...

I couldn't resist these proteas. They remind me so much of Cape Town where they grow wild on the mountain slopes.

I am always very hesitant about going away.  I don't like leaving the garden, the dogs or my indoor plants!... does this sound ridiculous?  Probably...  

At last count,  I have 16 indoor plants.  I know each plant intimately.. by touch and sight, knowing just what they need.  It's like leaving a pet behind... A very kind friend has offered to look after them while we're away.   I will give them all a good feed before we leave.

Some of the indoor plants.

It's been touch and go whether we would be leaving on this trip on 18 May.  Mr R-I has had two key-hole surgeries in the past three months and happily,  the second surgery seems to have done the trick.  We are beginning our holiday in London.  Chelsea Flower Show and a visit to the Garden History Museum to see the Russel Page exhibition has been planned as well as other outings.    

    Petersham Nurseries,  Ham House, the walled gardens at Regents Park and Kensington Palace  are also on our list.    We then leave London for two weeks in the country.  We are staying at Gravetye Manor, Lower Slaughter Manor House,  Dormie House,  Les Manoir quarte saisons, and Rosemary Verey's Barnsley House. We have lots of gardens on the list and will endeavour to visit as many as we can.  I plan to post as often as wifi will allow so stay tuned and hopefully I can share some amazing garden experiences with you all!  

Les Manoir aux quart'saisons

Barnsley House
Lower Slaughter Manor House

After visiting the gardens in England,    we are travelling to Gorde in Provence.  I'm so looking forward to holding little hands and strolling into the village to visit the markets or get supplies.  After our time in Gorde we will move on to Boussac for the rest of the holiday.  

Only a few more days left to get organised! Tomorrow is the last garden day.  All of the bulbs need planting as well as many other jobs!

Hope you all enjoyed a happy Mother's Day!  My youngest daughter and her fiance visited us for the day and we talked about their wedding in November and walked our dogs.  

Happy week everyone and any other suggestions regarding our garden visits will be most gratefully received!

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