Saturday, 16 January 2016


I always love the beginning of a new year.  It's 2016 and my very best wishes to all of my dear readers for the happiest, healthiest and safest year ahead. 

I love the thought of the whole year stretching ahead filled new possibilities and experiences.   

Last year ended with a bang in this family.  My daughter's wedding at the end of November, Christmas following shortly after and a trip to Sri Lanka at the beginning of January.     

What a special day this was.

The wedding reception and the beautiful flowers.. what a joy it was walking into the room and the fragrance of the roses was amazing.

Christmas flowers at my daughter Sarah's home.  She and her family hosted Christmas this year for our family and some of their friends. Sarah and Kirk worked so hard and we had a splendid time! 

After Christmas we headed down to the beach house.  These dahlias are from my garden at home and they travelled down with me. 

I managed to salvage these Hydrangeas from the seaside garden.. most had been burnt by a recent heat wave.

 Penny taking refuge from the noisy grandchildren!

Our New Year's dinner table. 
I've spent many happy hours in this little space since Christmas!

We left for Sri Lanka in early January

We stayed at the Kingsbury hotel and the lobby had huge arrangements of red roses throughout.

We spent a wonderful day visiting Lunuganga Estate - the country residence of the late Geoffrey Bawa, renowned Sri Lankan architect.

The Lotus flower ponds

Looking down towards the double ha-ha - there is a hidden road beneath those grasses.

What a wonderful colonial verandah!

This is a photo of my Dianthus in the garden last year.  They have been very disappointing this year for some reason!  I adore their fragrance.

Some news is that I am currently re-designing a new look for this blog.  I will be focusing mainly on gardens and garden design this year.  Once the new website is up, the blog will include interviews with various garden landscapers.  I was very fortunate when the renowned Australian Landscape Architect, Paul Bangay agreed to an interview.   I so enjoyed chatting to Paul over afternoon tea and I will be posting this interview as soon as the website is up!  

Happy week everyone!!

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