Sunday, 18 October 2015


After a month of rushing around, the suggestion to go to the beach for the weekend wasn't really tempting as all I wanted to do was stay put.  Once we got there however,   it was like balm to the soul.  Perfect weather,  quiet empty beaches and that wonderful sea air.  After three nights,  I returned home really refreshed.

We experienced an extremely cold winter this year  and because I have so many plants in pots,  some of which are tender,  we decided that a small greenhouse would be a welcome addition to our garden.  Our builder, Wes has taken on the task of building it.  We have decided to site it beneath a huge Hymalian Cedar in the corner of our garden.  The Cedar is an old tree and we will need to get an arborist in to trim out all of the dead wood.  I'll post some photos once it is installed.

The plants that really suffered in the winter were my Auriculas.  Known to be tricky,  they really hated being outside during the icy months.  The European growers keep them in the greenhouse until they flower and then bring them out until Autumn.  The pleasure of seeing some of them flower this year has been enormous!  Soon, it will be time to divide them up and re-pot them.  Their flowers last on the little plants for ages and they are so beautiful.  Watering them is also tricky.  They dislike getting their leaves wet,  so a watering can with a long nozzle is the answer.  This takes time!!!  

The summer garden is slowly emerging.  The foxgloves are flowering as well as the Iris.  The Clematis blooms have opened and I'm hoping that the roses will start this week.  The Aquilegia are lovely and seem taller this year.

The other news is that I've finally had the living room wallpapered.  Subtle, but lovely I think.

This gorgeous Orchid lasted for four months!
Have a great week everyone!

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