Thursday, 26 March 2015



I discovered this week that my garden is in trouble!  We have planted literally hundreds of Buxus plants and they have not fared as well as they should.  I discovered last week, that they are diseased.  They have been attacked by mites which has resulted in new growth being very weak and deformed.   Anyway,  I jumped into action and phoned here and there and also found good advice on Google.  We had to cut out all of the diseased parts,  cut the whole plant back severely and spray and feed.  The spraying against the mites and die-back is to be done every two weeks and the feeding also every two weeks in between! 

Blissfully unaware of this trouble,  other plants have behaved really well!  There have been lots of late flowers.  The Dahlias have been incredible.  I have only three bulbs planted in one raised bed and I have had more than enough flowers for the house this whole summer.

Munstead Wood

The bees love the Sedum

The roses have given us a pre-autumn flush and I'm hoping for more!  

Astrantia Major

The other news is that we moved out of our terrace in Sydney this week.  After 10 years of having a home in Sydney,  this will be an adjustment. 

  Some of the furniture was taken off our hands by the kids,  some of it went into storage and a little    arrived here in Bowral.  The butcher's rack is displaying the potted box in the courtyard and my Auriculas now have a home on a metal table on the back veranda in front of a large mirror! I have had some kind advice via Instagram on how to manage these beauties and so hope they will flower in Spring! 

The bookcases in my study were installed today.  All of the junk which has been stored there since the move a year ago has now been moved out and is in urgent need of sorting and editing.  I will post of photo in my next post when it looks a little more finished.

The Autumn weather has been wonderful.  Walks are such a pleasure free from the heat.  There has been quite a lot of cricket on at the Bradman Oval and we often walk past and sit and watch a few balls. 

Happy Easter everyone!

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