Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Leaving Boussac

Its always sad to leave Boussac.  This funny little village/town offers a very slow pace of life, allowing repetition of simple daily tasks and pleasures.  No stress... just a complete rest!   

The weather was wonderful in the first week - really hot and sunny and we spent hours by the pool and in the garden.  We ate beneath the big Tulip tree at lunch time.

I spent time with my long time friend and neighbour Deirdre who has an adorable little house right next door. She has decorated the house beautifully.  We call to each other over the fence and are always popping over for a chat, a coffee or a meal.  There is a standing arrangement that we have each other over for dinner the night we arrive or depart.  

On our second day, Liora, a friend staying with us announced that there was a huge spider web in the Long Room.  Deirdre was here having a coffee in her beautiful white linen gown.  Without hesitation,  the two of them sorted out the problem!  The web was precariously high up and as you can see it was a very efficient operation! 

Operation Spider web - this room has a double-volume ceiling!

Deirdre's house

This beautiful angel was painted by a friend of Deirdre's

Love her cushions!

Another Angel

There was also a great deal of tree surgery going on this visit.

See the man in the tree.. incredibly he never used a chainsaw but literally swung around the inside of the tree "shrinking" the tree by one metre!  Then,..
this view below...

changed to -

this view - because of 

these men who kindly cut back these trees which have grown incredibly since we moved in.

There was also a TV crisis when we arrived... it wasn't working!   This man below,  came along (on a Saturday) to move the dish which had stopped picking up the signal because the Tulip Tree had grown so much.  Doesn't the dish look fabulous there..!

Mustique arrived and hung around every day hoping for a morsel.  Deirdre and I decided against feeding him as an entire gang of wild cats had begun taking up residence in our gardens!  There is an old lady who lives near the Church square who feeds all the strays every day.  Mustique was looking well and healthy so we figured someone was feeding him.

We have heard that there are strikes at Charles de Gaul airport and we fly out on Friday....finger & toes!

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