Tuesday, 14 January 2014


After taking a break from blogging, I thought this new year would be a good time to take it up again!  Thank you to some lovely readers out there who have emailed me to enquire!

Part of the reason for my break in blog-land is that about six weeks ago,  we lost our darling little Shih Tzu, Bunny.  She was bitten by a Paralysis Tick and as she was so small and dainty,  didn't really stand a chance of withstanding that dreadful venom. What an awful way to die and of course,  Penny (our other ShihTzu - pictured above) has been devastated by her loss. Anyway.. on to other happier tales... 

We had a happy family holiday at our beach house. Christmas enjoyed the usual build-up of decorating the tree,  preparing the traditional feast and spending the morning after, surrounded by wrapping, presents and happy grandchildren  We cooked delicious food and  did plenty of beach walks.   We also got to meet some lovely neighbours.  We had dinner at our favourite restaurant down there - Cupitt's Winery where we had the most delicious fish and watched a magical sunset. 

The new house in Bowral  is coming on very nicely! We have planted half of the back yard garden and I am so looking forward to continuing with the rest of the garden.  The interiors are coming along and hopefully, the installation of the joinery will start this week.  Below are random photos of the holiday and the new house.  Happy New Year to you all and let's hope it is a very good year for everyone!

My favourite flower at this time of the year "Christmas Bush" an Australian native.

The Christmas table

Champagne before the feast!

Delicious lobster - Boxing day lunch

Cheeky Hugo! (my daughter's dog)

Darling Penny

Our beautiful beach

I baked a chocolate cake which looked better than it tasted!.. I need the perfect chocolate cake recipe please!

Holiday aftermath!

Cooked this tuna on the Bbq and served it on a quinoa salad
Smoked salmon pasta - family favourite

Very satisfying!

Picking flowers..- beach garden

First dinner out on the deck!

Newly planted rear garden in Bowral - hope it makes it through this very hot spell

The new pool - tiles still need grouting

Dormer window in bedroom 4

Looking through from the kitchen

Batten/board panelling in the dining room

Looking through living room/dining room from the entry hall

Entry hall looking through to the garden

Timber fencing which will weather to a lovely grey ... new plantings of box hedging etc.

Deciding on tile layout for the gallery

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