Friday, 10 April 2015

Picture hanging, Easter and the garden.

As the family were arriving on Saturday for Easter,  I decided to invite new and old neighbours for a simple supper on Good Friday.  It was a wintry evening but lots of fun and I served homemade chicken pie, peas and a green salad.

Having moved out of our Sydney home,  we had a few more paintings to hang so I laid them all out on the living room floor and David came round with his son and did an expert job of getting them up on the  wall.  

While cooking the pie,  I also prepared "skeddie bodinaise" which we had on Saturday when Sarah, Kirk and the little girls arrived.  

It wouldn't be Easter without Hot Cross Buns!


Kitty enjoyed painting some porcelain eggs for the Easter Bunny!

I spent some time in the Potting Shed on Saturday potting up my trug with Daffodils and violas for the Easter table.  I love setting the table for special occasions and especially love using fresh flowers/plants or bulbs.  

The Easter table.

Easter was lots of fun and despite the rain for most of the weekend,  the little girls had fun and there was lots of lolling about, reading and of course eating!

A fun weekend always means lots of ironing!

We gave the potted box lots of attention on Tuesday by re-potting with fresh potting mix  and giving them all a good feed.  

 The April garden is astonishing!  The roses are almost better than they were mid-summer.  Not entirely sure why?  Because we have poor soil,  we have been spreading fertiliser more than usual and this could account for the lovely blooms.


Roses and Dahlias

I bought some of Gilly Stephenson's old fashioned furniture polish and gave our old kitchen table a good polish.  I love the fragrance of newly polished furniture and there is the benefit of a little upper body exercise to consider!

The most beautiful moss has been growing between the brick paving all over the garden.  I love moss and couldn't be happier!

I think I've eaten the last mango of the season!  It was delicious and there's always the end of the year to look forward to.  I am sure there is no more delicious mango than those grown in Queensland here in Australia! 

Last but not least.  A little while ago,  I received an enormous compliment about my Blog.  Howard Slatkin, the renowned and respected designer who lives in New York and who wrote "Fifth Avenue Style" the most fabulous book about his incredible apartment,    posted lovely comments on Instagram about my blog.  

I was so touched and honoured and still am!.  Thank you again Howard.

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