Tuesday, 6 August 2013

This hasn't been a healthy winter!

The past three weeks could not have crawled by more slowly if they tried!   Naomi from one of my favourite blogs Coulda Shoulda Woulda spoke this week about the Mercury Retrograde.  I'm blaming the two week break-down of our wifi,  Pneumonia and Shingles that was circulating in this household, entirely on this Retrograde!.. I mean - what other explanation could there possibly be.  My poor little grand-daughters have been constantly sick as well.  At last it feels (I hope) that things are slowly improving!   

So, while I wasn't lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself,  I spent some hours on the computer doing 'house-stuff'!  The joinery drawings went off to be priced two weeks ago and I thought I'd show you a couple of the kitchen drawings and my choices.  It's such a coincidence that Heidi from Adelaide Villa is at a similar stage of her building as I am.  I am full of admiration of her skills as an architect//project manager and full time Mum to three little children.

Please go over to her blog and look at her kitchen choices as they are really beautiful - I especially love her choice of steel windows and the simplicity of her joinery.

I was inspired by lots and lots of kitchens .. and in particular...

Anyway - here are a couple of pics of my kitchen joinery.  As yet,  I am not sure whether the finish will be 2pac or hand-painted.  It depends which price is more attractive!  Unfortunately, I don't have all of the elements together in one picture so  fingers crossed it will look OK when it all goes in! 

I will probably use Hogg's Bristle half strength as the colour on the doors. I am still undecided about what to use for the bench tops...Probably Caesar Stone... or Stainless or both?  As you can see,  it is a very traditional design Not much glamour - hopefully functional, warm and inviting!  I have a lovely collection of old copper pots and Majolica which will be displayed.  I will also have terracotta pots with indoor plants on the deep window sill alongside the sink.  
This kitchen tap from Perrin & Rowe at the sink.

I have posted this pic to show the subway tiles as a splash back.  

This fitting above the Island - in chrome and clear ribbed glass shades.

I will be using a grey grouting 

Polished Nickel door knobs

Polished nickel drawer pulls

These oak floors throughout the Butlers pantry, kitchen and Breakfast/living

The Butlers pantry and kitchen

The East elevation of the kitchen.  The windows above the sink(not shown) are bi-fold.  The door on the left through to rest of the house is glass with glass side-lights

The view into the pantry from the kitchen.  The half-glass door through to the dining room.  Bottom right is a wine fridge, and bottom left of the door is a drawer dishwasher.

The dishwasher to the right of the sink will unpack mostly into the eastern side of the island.  The above shows the layout.  The tiles shown in the pantry are incorrect...we are using timber flooring.

I have also been dreaming about the garden.. probably as I've been inspired by Faux Fuchsia blog and her recent visit to many beautiful gardens in the UK.  

 In a way,  planning a smaller garden is more difficult as there is nowhere to hide .. ie - every square metre will be have to be planned out.  There is a level change in the back garden,  and we are planning a knee-high basalt stone wall with stone steps up to the higher level.  The pool is situated on the higher level.  I am using a timber pool fence which will weather grey and will compliment all of the pergolas which will be in natural timber as well.  I would have loved having the pool in the courtyard off the house,  but pool fences are ugly - no matter what material they are in.  Below are Pinterest images which I love.

Here's hoping for a bright, healthy couple of weeks ahead for everyone!  

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