Sunday, 15 March 2015


Weekend at the beach, time for a swim, Auriculas, a photo shoot and a birthday!

It's been a really busy couple of weeks over here.  A weekend at the beach with good friends was relaxing and fun.  It's a lovely time of the year to walk on the beach as the Autumn light is so pretty.

A potter around Milton, the delightful South Coast beach town,  prawns on skewers, watching cricket and lunch at Bannisters all made for a great weekend.

Zinnias and Marigolds - a fence in Milton

Delicious food - Rick Stein at Bannisters

Magical sunrise on the day we left..

The week got hotter and hotter here in the Highlands and the pool and garden brought relief.  I had a few cooling evening swims..

The garden is in the midst of a late summer/autumn flowering and the Sedum are wonderful.  The Camelia hedge has begun flowering and judging by the buds it will soon be awash with these pretty white flowers.

I have always loved the Auricula.  

A tricky plant to grow and it can wither for no rhyme or reason.  A couple of us visited Moidardt nursery in Bowral and excitedly 'chose' a selection.  They were tiny green plants in black plastic pots with impressive names!.. This purchase is based on faith!  I have since re-potted them into some beautiful vintage terracotta pots which a lovely friend kindly gave me for this purpose!  I have two in flower which is definitely too early but I am hopeful I will succeed in growing these beauties. Fingers crossed! 

I say, most humbly,  that I have decided to write a book.  I ask myself, .. 'who would want to read this book?'.. but hopefully,  the photos will satisfy those who enjoy a visual feast!  I am writing about making Australia our home, making the garden at South Acres Farm and of course my obsession with houses, interiors  and gardens.    We had the first photo shoot this past week and my feet are still suffering the hours and hours of standing and walking around.  Gazing through the photographer's camera lens,  arranging and re-arranging things, re-heating food etc.  It has been such an enlightening process and completely absorbing!  I have learnt so much more about light or the lack of it,  and the important quality of having a 'good eye'!   I have had invaluable help from a couple of friends and we so looking forward to the developing project!

The week ended off with my son Alex's birthday lunch in Sydney on Sunday.    A lovely relaxed family day and a chance to catch up with my three adorable grand-daughters!

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