Friday, 17 May 2013

thank you !!

A couple of days ago, I was very happy to receive a Liebster Award from the lovely Naomi's blog - Coulda Shoulda Woulda!  For those of you who haven't yet stumbled across her blog - please hop over and have a look.  I love her quirky, zany style - intelligently written and always fun!

A Liebster award is awarded by bloggers to other up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers apparently.. I was very chuffed!! 

Coupled with receiving this award is that I answer 10 questions that Naomi has sent me! As I am travelling, have been jet lagged, and have intermittent wifi issues,  it is a bit of a miracle that I have posted this!! 

So - here are my answers to her questions. 

1. If you could look like anyone who would it be? 

It's not about what she looks like really,  but I really love Diane Keaton's energy and her quirky zany look!  She has seemingly managed to bypass the usual facial surgery interventions – and yet remains funny and beguiling – I love her look!  

2. What character from a book do you most identify with?

Mmmm ... it has to be Madam Defarge from the Tale of Two cities!!  .... I love knitting as much as she obviously did!

3. What is your favourite flower? 
A peony!.... no contest!... I have found them difficult to grow which makes               them even more special!

4. If you could meet one person from the past, who would it be? 

Gertrude Jekyll 

Gertrude Jekyll loved vibrant colours

5. What would you talk about? 

All things gardening and I would ask her to introduce me to Edwin Lutyens the great British architect!

6. Have you ever won anything? If you have, what was it?  

Yes!!  I won an Ardmore jug in Cape Town on a blind auction at a Red Cross do!  It's beautiful and very treasured.  Read more about the lovely people who create Ardmore here

7. Which bag would you choose between a Chanel 2.55 bag or Hermes Kelly bag?  

Definitely the Chanel – so chic and besides,  the Kelly bag weighs a ton!

8. What one event will forever remain etched in your  memory?  

The birth of Arabella by Cesarean section – my grand-daughter – I was present at the birth!

9. If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take one book, which one would it be?  

The Beginner's Guide to Foraging!

10. What made you finally write a blog?  

Initially it felt like a good way for far away friends to catch up with what I was up to but as time continued,  I really began enjoying  the process of blogging.   Taking photos and sharing experiences  – whether it was my garden or somewhere new I was visiting!…. And of late,  getting to know other bloggers little by little has been so great!  

Thanks again Naomi!



  1. Hi Jenny, Thanks so much for accepting this! I love the answers and you trumped me with the foraging book. Of course one needs that book instead of an anthology of literature! What was I thinking?? Peonies are my third favourite flower and didn't know they are hard to grow. Really enjoyed reading the answers and learning more about you! Have a great time and safe voyage and travels xx

  2. Hi Naomi! It sure took a while for the penny to drop!! Thanks so much .. what fun!! xx

  3. Hi Jenny,

    Congrats on your Liebster! I'm a fellow Liebster myself, also just been awarded by Naomi :) I love that jug! It's so beautiful and unique I don't think I can use it. It'll either have to be displayed or I'll just look at it.

    There's definitely something very high-spirited about Diane Keaton and it really came across when she played Annie Hall.

    I just had a quick look at your post after this and will have a proper read later.

    Have a lovely day.


    1. Hi MsMadge!! Lovely to meet you and thanks to Naomi again! I am going staight across to your blog now!! Not sure where you are but have a lovely day too!! xx

  4. Jenny, I just realized you should have told everyone the original mix-up with the questions. That alone is so funny and quite Diane Keaton-esque!! Still giggle when I think about it x


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