Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Before and After pics of our house in France

Before and After pics of the renovation

Looking out of the window at the garden this morning,  I can almost forgive the weather being so dismal! 

It is 8 deg and raining and despite the fact that the windows are closed,  I can still hear the village bell chiming every quarter.  Life here in Boussac is very slow and quiet,  where one hears the footsteps of passers-by echoing for a while.    The blackbirds are bravely heralding the season, their beautiful songs adding music to the silence.  This poor weather and silence  isn't for everyone, I admit!  This house is very cosy, warm and comforting which offers it's own magic!  I think that Poule au Pot or a warming soup should be on tap for today and tomorrow.  

We will need to  take a drive into Montlucon - a nearby town, and visit Grand Frais where fresh produce is plentiful!

Papayas... such a treat to find them here!

I wrote a post a little while ago on La Creuzette a beautiful 18thC chateau situated in Boussac, France and it was after attending an art course here that I fell in love with this quiet part of the world.  As a consequence we acquired a small house here on the edge of the village.  A renovation was inevitable!  Below a couple of "before and after" photos!

Before the renovation
and after - painting the shutters a mid-brown which seems to go well with the pinkish stone


After - all the lawn removed and replaced with a parterre garden which is no maintenance as opposed to low maintenance - the buxus only needing clipping once a year.

and after - we tend to eat all meals beneath this lovely Tulip tree during the summer months..

Taken from the Long room

The study - looking through from the small hallway

This hoisting machine doing the obvious!

The Long room before
Almost done
I couldn't watch!
The long room after

The tiny kitchen!

One of the bathrooms

Mustique the stray cat who always seems to know when we return...

One of the pretty houses in Boussac

The 15thC village church

Chateau de Boussac - fascinating to visit

Evening light - view from my bedroom

The Tour De France rushed through village two years ago which caused huge excitement and celebration.

A common sight in May

and the sun came out for a little while this afternoon!


  1. Your photos are beautiful Jenny. And your house! Everything in fact. I was sighing the whole time..felt like watching a romantic film. Just quaint, rustic and full of character.

    Did you just change your page background? Sorry I don't remember the leaves :) Love it...very easy on the eyes :)

    1. Thanks very much MsMadge!! Yes.. I spent a bit of time on changing the blog format last night! Thanks for the lovely comments!

  2. Wow Jenny! First of all,I am a total sucker for anything before/after. I am a makeover fiend...Love this, mind you it was nice to begin with but this is magazine worthy! The views are fantastic out of almost every window and the decor is so restful. That rapeseed looks like you might get some nice oil out of that. (That's just the farmer in me speaking.) Love your new format by the way! xx

    1. Thank you so much! I love coming to this region at this time of the year as so many fields are painted acid yellow!

  3. Sitting here in the house in Boussac while reading this blog. I can vouch at close quarters for how lovely this house, town and area is. You have made the place irresistibly comfortable, a wonderful place to write, contemplate and think. I am very very lucky to be here. Also love the new format. xx

    1. Thanks Liora... it is a lovely place to share!

  4. Oh Jenny - Divine! I just love your before and after pics. I can't believe you managed to pull off such a wonderful renovation in a Foreign country (with language barriers... or maybe you're fluent?). You're certainly intrepid, and it's paid off. You must love your time there every year - the garden is especially beautiful with the gravel and pool. xx

  5. Thank you Heidi... for the lovely comments! The lovely Hardy of La Creuzette helped us enormously.. he is now fluent in French and dealt with all of the "Notare" issues as well as project managing the whole thing. We couldn't have managed without him! The garden is really NO maintenance ... the box grows so slowly here!! xx

  6. Before and after photos have always fascinated me and this is certainly a wonderful restoration. You have created a lovely warm home and what a perfect place to eat outside in your no maintenance space!
    Boussac looks charming and your photos make me miss France. I lived in the south-west for a year, north of Bordeaux. It was a lovely surprise to see that you are my new follower. Thank you.

  7. Thank you so much miss b!! It's lovely to meet you and thank you so much for the lovely comments! Boussac is charming - the weather here is a little hit and miss - almost the same as in the UK... in fact - exactly the same as London! In July/August it is wonderfully hot and that's when we eat outside all day and lie by the pool! xx

  8. Gosh Jenny that is absolutely divine. You have renovated with such style and grace. Beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Annette ... you are very kind! xx

  9. this is seriously impressive- love it. So cosy and Peter Mayle-esque x

    1. so sweet of you to take time to read the various posts... Thank you so much xx

  10. Hello :) i am very happy to contribuate at the creation of your garden. It was the best experience in my professional life^^


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