Sunday, 26 July 2015



We decided to spend the last three days of our holiday, in Paris.  We chose to get there from Boussac by car instead of taking the train which would have involved handling the heavy baggage ourselves. 

Our journey took just under five hours, which included a couple of stops.  One stop for lunch and the other stop to visit the house of Georges Sand, the French writer, in Nohant, near Chateauroux.

Although the house itself was closed,  we enjoyed a stroll around the gardens.

Trucks are not allowed to use the freeways on Sundays which made our entry into Paris much easier.

We checked into the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Rue Saint Honore and as our room wasn't ready, we had a cup of tea in the cool, leafy courtyard.

When it  became obvious that we might not have the energy to head out,  we opted to stay right where we were and have a light supper.  The vegetable platter below was my choice,  and it was delicious.

At breakfast the next morning,  we decided not to rush around like mad tourists, as it was far too hot,  but rather to re-visit favourite spots and take it easy.  We strolled around the Left Bank, visited a favourite book store as well as our favourite optician which stocks divine specs.  We stopped for ice-creams, and I discovered a new shop or two!

On one of the evenings,  we had dinner at Chez Monsieur which is just off Rue Saint Honore.  

We enjoyed the most delicious John Dory and really enjoyed the ambiance of this friendly restaurant.

Lunch at a favourite restaurant - La Cigalle, which is famous for it's  Souffles, was a little disappointing.  Sadly,  it has been taken over by new owners,  and although the souffles are still delicious,  the decor is really austere and lacks the warmth and charm that was there before. It's not all about the food I'm afraid!

I then discovered a delightful shop called Brigitte et Alice Vermelin 

The very creative mother and daughter team have been in business for some years now but only opened this shop a year ago.  They stock  beautiful china - some hand-painted,  glassware,  some of it from Murano as well as exquisite linens, for both bed and table.    Alice, the daughter, was so charming, and proudly showed me around, explaining where everything came from.  She very excitedly showed me Charlotte Moss's newest book in which some of their table linens appear.

Below are photos of some of their beautiful wares.

Hand painted Hydrangea cups and saucers

Murano Glassware

Exquisite leaf design.

Tissue box covers

Delicate placemats with napkins to match

I loved this tureen

Do drop by if you're in Paris.  The shop is guaranteed to tempt you!!

The end came too soon, and now those warm, busy last three days in Paris seem like a dream.

As I sit here,  it is 3 deg C outside!  There is an icy gale blowing and the temperature will be down to -1deg tonight!

We had a dream of a holiday and now I have the rest of Winter and all goes with it to enjoy.  My Spring garden is not too far off,  and  bulbs are already peeping out of pots and there are blossom buds on some  of the Pears.
What a warm welcome we got from these two!


  1. What a wonderful holiday you had , I have so enjoyed it through your photographs . And what a find was the shop in Paris, their beautiful items would tempt all of us - for me I couldn't say no to those exquisite hydrangea cups. It has been so bitterly cold here so being transported each day to your sunny trip has been an absolutely delight. Welcome home , thanks Jenny

    1. Hi Kim, Thanks so much for the lovely comments! Wow this cold needs getting used to! I remember that last winter was quite mild. This cold is supposed to be good for the garden/roses! Have a lovely week! xx

  2. Thank you Jenny for documenting your trip so beautifully on your blog and with instagram. The photo's of the gorgeous gardens you have visited and fabulous places have been inspirational. Brigitte et Alice Vermelin what a great find I would have been tempted. It's freezing cold here too but I have been working in my garden you soon warm up . I knew your doggie's would give you an amazing welcome home. So once again welcome home and thank you for your inspiration. XX

    1. Hi Karen!... what a lovely comment and I'm so pleased you enjoyed all the photos! It is so lovely being home and will be even better once I get over the jet lag!! Have a wonderful week. xx

  3. So lovely to have met you and your husband in Paris, have so loved following you on your blog and instagram and always look forward to your beautiful photos.
    I too am enjoying these last few days in Paris till I leave for home and love nothing more than walking the streets of this beautiful city- the french certainly know style,from amazing stores,to doors and lamps(which I am always photographing) and how they present their food.
    I will be heading over to the St Germaine area tomorrow and will definitely take a look at Alice Vermelin's store.
    I hope the jet lag is not too bad. Marilyn xx

  4. I am catching up as I haven't been on the net for a long time - but loved this post too. Thanks for the shop recommendation… I'm hopeful I'll make it to Europe in the next year, so I'll definitely be bookmarking this to go in and have a look. Exquisite embroidery - I can remember visiting Hanoi around 10 years ago and finding a row of little shops leading up to the Opera house that were all owned by French companies, all filled with stunning embroidery. We were told they had their embroidery done in Vietnam, and then most of it was shipped to France. Unfortunately I didn't buy any…. when you are surrounded by shops selling things for $2 something being sold for $30 suddenly seems expensive!! I so regret it now needless to say. I've loved following your travels around France and England but Welcome Home! No doubt the puppies are enjoying having you back. xx


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