Thursday, 30 July 2015

A special visit to the Dior Home Boutique in Paris


Before we left Australia on our recent holiday,  a designer friend of mine urged us to visit this beautiful boutique nestling within the magnificence of all things Dior. 
This uber-chic flagship store is perfectly placed on a corner of the famed Avenue Montaigne.  Our stroll along this beautifully wide boulevard, beneath the trees on such a lovely day, was dreamy.   We paused at the entrance, enjoying the pale grey palette and the perfectly clipped topiaries.

Ushered into the store,  we made our way through the very tempting Dior handbags and fashion,  to the Home Boutique.  I had, through Instagram, made contact with the charming Doris Brynner and meeting her was a delight!  Once married to Yul Brunner,  Doris, whose best friend was Audrey Hepburn, must have many fascinating memories of those glamorous times.  Doris transformed the Dior Home store 15 years ago and has maintained an establishment well known in all the right circles as the place to find unusual and special pieces for the home.   

Her personal style is legendary and the beautiful displays reflect her incredibly experienced eye for high-quality beauty in the home.    

The lighting in the boutique is soft and complimentary, creating a soft glow.  Unfortunately,  my camera was not very happy adjusting, so please forgive the quality of my photographs.    I was quite disappointed when I processed them...

I adored the green leaf faience above, and my mind immediately leapt to summer lunches on the veranda!  How could I resist!!  The beautiful fern set it all off beautifully!

The "Ginkgo" is a new design.  In the photograph below, the ginkgo napery is displayed.

I loved this design .. casual yet chic..

Bold and bright with an organic shape.. 

Both this colourway and the one below are so chic.

These wicker serving pieces are so delicate.  I marvelled at the expertise of weaving these intricate designs.  I imagine them lined with exquisite linen, serving fresh bread...

Utterly glamorous.

I loved the whimsy of the butterflies.. so dainty

The enamel frames, available in all the jewel colours, are very sought after.

Mr R-I chatting to the charming Frederick

Clients are encouraged to help themselves... there is a water bowl for doggies down below too!

Shapes, colours and forms.. the fish is a recurring theme!

Throughout the store,  the glassware is particularly beautiful

The charming Doris who was so warm and welcoming.

This is a magnificent Ardmore vase which Doris commissioned.  Ardmore can be quite ornate and detailed  and Doris explained she prefers more simple designs.  Handmade by Alex Shabalala for Dior.

Pillowcases and sheets in the softest shades edged with exquisitely delicate lace. 

The wide range of colours 

Lucite in all colours.  Notice that magnificent green glass piece in the background.

I loved this large basket.. 

More beautiful shapes and colours

I could imagine using this for a summer lunch onboard a yacht!


But for me,  this vase said it all.  Impossible to say how that magnificent tree was etched into the glass.  It is a very tall vase and no photo in the world could do it justice.

Stopping by the Dior Home Boutique will now become a Parisian ritual.  Firstly, to say hello to Doris again and secondly to discover more of her special finds!  This magnificent "tree" vase will haunt me for a while although I do look forward to my 'leaf' plates arriving!

Thank you to Doris for this special visit.  It was such a treat being shown around by her!  Thanks also to   Stacey of Quintessence Blog for her post on this fabulous store which was helpful in reminding me of the name of the Boutique!  Do drop by and read her post.  Her photos are an improvement on mine!

Dior, 30 Avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris
(+33 1 4073 7373)



  1. Loved revisiting Doris and her charming outpost! Wonderful new offerings and thank you Jenny for the kind mention!

  2. Sigh, sigh, sigh. Looks gorgeous Jenny, a girl can only dream. Thanks for sharing with us.I have been away for a few weeks so I was very excited to read all your recent updates. I am very glad you are back blogging. Everything looked so lovely and I am pleased you had such a wonderful time!! Thanks again Tracey xx

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement Tracey! Have missed you! xx

  3. Love homewares and porcelain so this was a treat and a half. Don't you wish your dogs went with you so you could have taken a pic of them drink water in Dior!? I know I want to bring Millie x

    1. I was actually just thinking that as I finished the post Naomi!... I saw a few doggies strutting their stuff on pretty leads while I was there! Millie would look quite splendid in their store! xx

  4. The Dior Home store is divine! many thanks for allowing us to visit with you. How exciting to have been welcomed by Doris Brynner!
    So many gorgeous things. Congratulations on ordering the leaf plates - they're stunning! Would love a mixed dinner set with the green and white striped edging and the leaf bowls, platters with the gingko napery.
    I visited the Dior store in St Tropez in May - it was divine - and the fresh flowers were heavenly. But haven't yet been to the Montaigne store - next time!
    You and Naomi must have such well behaved doggies to contemplate taking them in there. Our dear old Jack Russell would have been a great challenge! Best wishes, Pammie

    1. It is interesting how welcome dogs are in Paris and France in general! I think I'd draw the line at them sitting at the dining table though! You would love this store Pammie.. but as you say.. next time! Just wish we were a step and a skip away from Europe sometimes... Thank you, Jenny xx

    2. Interesting isn't it! The Aussie son of an old friend lives in Paris and he says dogs are more welcome in shops and restaurants than small children (and his children are very well behaved). That said, when we were in Paris with the family in June our grand-daughters were always treated very nicely and the family made to feel welcome.
      Yes, wish we were closer too - it's just so far. Though we're kind of spoiled really - it is mostly under 30 hours, depending on route and ultimate destination. My husband's great grandparents were Polish/Prussian and arrived in Brisbane by sailing ship in 1878. It took months and months. On the next voyage after theirs, the ship went down! So they were here for life as it was so hard to get back and took so long. But apparently one of the relatives actually went back to Germany and fought for the Kaiser in 1914! But they kept that secret for a very long time and identified themselves as Polish! It was only about 15 years ago that my husband discovered he had Prussian ancestry on his father's mother's side - he'd always thought they were all Polish. Best wishes, Pammie

  5. gorgeous, all of it. Hope you bought a treat x

    1. I found those leaf faience dinnerware impossible to resist! I received six plates and a couple of serving pieces yesterday FF. I'm so excited and have been moving things around today to fit them in! Thanks so much xxx

  6. Oh this was a total visual treat Jenny! Such a wonderful post, I just love everything you've shown off in the photos. Was the glassware Murano? Several of the patterns of the bowls and glasses remind me of pieces I saw in Venice on our last trip. That basket ware was divine, and the linen too… but I especially enjoyed seeing it all displayed with casual cutlery that wasn't just the usual stainless steel. So much thought went into every place setting they really had complimented the linen with the utensils, glassware, plates etc. The lily of the valley pattern glassware looks very similar to a set that Carolyn Roehm uses in her home too. Now the question remains - did you buy anything???! xx

    1. Afraid I did Heidi! ... the leaf plates with a couple of serving pieces. They arrived yesterday,,... much excitement! The cutlery was really lovely too, but had to draw the line! Thanks so much for the comment xx

    2. Oh how exciting!!! I've just come back to pin a bunch of your pictures to my entertaining board on Pinterest, and I can't wait to see the new plates in your home. They really are beautiful and will complement all your gorgeous green things perfectly xx

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