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28 March 2012

The village of Burrawang, is just a hop and a skip away from South Acres Farm.    First settled in 1862, Burrawang nestles in the very heart of the Highlands.  See

The road into Burrawang is really beautiful - see pic below.

Burrawang is a very pretty village and has a  busy and close community.  There is always something going on in the village and most of the villagers join in and they all know each other. 
The main street of Burrawang - beautiful autumn Maples

We go into Burrawang quite often as our butcher John Mauger sells the most delicious meats and we have yet to be disappointed.  The Maugers are also very popular caterers in the area and you will see by my photos that this old-fashioned butchery is delightful !

Look at the wonderful butchers block !!
 Old fashioned and
friendly service !

The Burrawang "Pub" is very popular with the locals and Thursday nights there are legendary !

The General Store serves teas/coffees and light meals  - check out their website here

Below are a couple of pretty homes in Burrawang

Burrawang has an annual Easter Market which is great fun and very well attended.  The weather is usually wonderful and it is a great day out !
To find out more about the market, click

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