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The Vegetable Garden

1 April 2012 

"In order to live off a garden, you practically have to live in it"!

Perhaps if one had to live off the veggie garden entirely the above would be true !!  A couple of years ago, we decided to build a vegetable garden. Both being 50+, we opted for raised beds, making things much easier.  The six beds are in a very sunny, relatively wind free spot and also close to the house.  Being able to stroll up there to get fresh leaves for the salad -( at the moment I am mad keen on Rainbow Kale) is so rewarding and satisfying.  Other than the salad greens, we have been eating lots of broccoli , but had a small harvest of beans due to all the grey weather and rain we've been having. 

The raised beds, just after construction.

The vegetable garden is close to the house alongside the rose garden.

At first we used netting to protect the veggies but this became tiresome

On the left of the little tool shed, is an old concrete double sink.. ideal for washing the harvest.

Having never grown veggies before, I was thrilled when we began harvesting so I took photos of virtually everything!

Perfect yellow orbs !

I was very proud of these carrots !

This pumpkin sat outside my front door in the sun for weeks drying out !

Delicious parsnips and carrots - Parsnips are very big plants.. their leaves are nothing like carrot tops!

We eventually had these aluminium cages made, hinged to one side of the planters with handles on the other side for easy lifting. The timber has weathered into a lovely grey.

There is a very long Laurel hedge alongside the vegetable garden protecting against the South- Westerlies.

The thing that amazed me most about growing vegetables, is how quickly it all happens.  The leaves are the quickest...Lettuces , Spinach and Kale etc.  If one plants seedlings,  in no time at all they are ready to be picked and washed and used in the most delicious salads.  Zucchini are also very easy to grow ... actually they are madly prolific ... I have used them raw in salads, obviously cooked them in various ways, endless soups  and my daughters use them a great deal in preparing meals for their baby daughters.

It's really so easy growing vegetables and there is such pleasure in harvesting and then eating these precious organic foods.


  1. luff those cages. Jealous. I garden in the Old Testament and bush turkeys and possums eat the lot.

    1. They were fantastic!!... I've heard about those bush turkeys!!

  2. vegepod We can use whatever powder solution that is available commercially for getting rid of possums.


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