Thursday, 31 March 2016


This year, Easter at the beach house was stretched out over a couple of weeks.  We had lovely friends to stay on either side of the Easter weekend and family with us for Easter.  Below are a some photos of our time there.

Still days, even though cloudy, meant we could eat outside

Salmon kedgeree always goes down well...

We had beautiful sunsets

Walks on the beach

Early mornings

Native pickings from the seaside garden

Penny and Brit on front door patrol!

Delicious chopped kale and quinoa for lunch

The Easter breakfast table

I brought home grown lettuces from my tiny vegetable garden

Napping grand-daughters

Fruit for breaktast

Lunch table


A new knitting project for our newly expected grand-daughter!

and... A little drama on the way home!...

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter..


  1. I always love looking at photos of your beautiful beach house Jenny, the blue and white is so beautiful. Looks like a lovely, relaxing time was had by all... and how exciting re a new grand daughter! xxx

    1. Thanks so much dear Heidi .. Hope you will be visiting Sydney again sometime soon! xx

  2. Easter on the beach - lovely thought! Your beach looks very much like the one on which I walk every morning at sunrise.
    Your Easter tables are lovely - and in my all-time favourite colour combination of blue, white and yellow. Sweet shot of your granddaughters and lovely to think of another on the way. I rarely have my three granddaughters here at the same time, but when I do it is very special!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Pondside ... We are very lucky having all of the grandchildren nearby xx

  3. Your holiday break at the beach with family and friends looks so lovely- I would never tire of the view. I love the light in your family room- very inviting.
    Many congratulations on a new granddaughter- how exciting for the whole family. Your knitting project spurns me on- haven't knitted for some time and always enjoyed it. Knitting for grandchildren would be way more interesting than something for a adult ( and quicker).
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos
    Marilyn xx

    1. Thanks so much Marilyn... we are so thrilled about the new baby and as for the knitting - I am famous for not completing projects!!... let's hope this time I do! xx

  4. love these photos! congrats on the baby! xx

    1. Thanks so much FF.. Huge congratulations again on your engagement!! xx

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