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A last minute decision to visit Paris during Maison et Objet and Paris Déco Off has paid off!

Of course, we couldn't anticipate that the trip which usually takes 22 hours from Australia ended up taking 36 hours!  Delays aside,  there is nothing like arriving in Paris, doesn't matter what time of year it is.

Below are a few snippets from the past four days

Beautiful combination of Orchids and budding twigs in the lobby of our hotel.

Sorry - just had to share this delicious 'Brioche' with 'Abricot' preserve which I've only had once in the interests of needing to fit into my clothes for the next 8 days!

Hundreds of roses Hotel Costes florist.

I never grow tired of strolling through the Palais Royale.

The stark beauty of one of the avenues at Palais Royale

Palais Royale
The very charming Gallerie Vivienne.  Those mosaic floors are exquisite, as are the shop fronts.
On Sunday we made the trip out to Maison et Objet and below are random shots of what caught my eye.  This most important trade fair, held twice a year, sets the International Design Agenda.  Literally thousands of people, most of whom drag 'wheely' bags behind them arrive at the venue, about 20 kilometres North of Paris, each day. There are 7 enormous halls and other than being foot-fit to tackle the distances,  the over-heated venue was challenging!

Hand-blown glass vases in soft organic shapes and colours.

Beautiful candles - in every colour imaginable, all displayed in these metal cast boxes, the wicks of the candles still attached to each other.   

Lots of gorgeous basketware

The faux flower/plant industry is vast!!

Lots of glassware and ceramic ware in these unusual shapes and colours.

I did love the colour and style of these pieces.

These flowers were fresh - it's hard to tell from the photo - the glass vase was enormous!

Bordallo Pinheiro had a huge display.  They manufacture so much more than their cabbage ware for which they have become so famous.

Fresh again (thank goodness!)

I also spent time at Ancien et Moderne, the Pop-up shop at 16 rue Guénégaud, and met the talented women involved in conceptualising and creating this beautiful space.  Read more about the Pop-up  here. Meeting Stacey Bewkes, a long time blogging friend and author of renowned Quintessence Blog, was a special highlight.

Here is Jill Barnes-Dacey giving a demonstration of her beautiful decoupage work onto glass.

Another of Jill Barnes-Dacey's works.  

We so enjoyed strolling around the Left Bank where 106 Brands were receiving people into their showrooms, showing new collections.

Pierre Frey's colourful tumble of cushions

Jim Thompson's exotic window

Rue de Furstenberg

My first experience of lunching at Ralph Lauren, yesterday,  on Rue Saint Germain, did not disappoint.
We sat inside and although there are heaters in the courtyard,  they only serve drinks out there during the Winter months.

I am a huge fan of the table cloth, a trend which seems to be disappearing sadly.  The napery at Ralph's was beautiful and each table was adorned with these beautiful red roses.

The leather banquette, against the timber panelling creates a wonderfully cosy, luxurious atmosphere.

The day ended with a visit to Dior Home in Rue de Montaigne and sharing a cup of tea with the lovely Doris Brynner and Stacey Bewkes.  The store is looking as lovely as ever and below are a couple of iPhone shots.

Exquisite hand made porcelain by the maestro Vladimir Kanevsky

A very large, exquisite vase - imagine it displaying  a couple of huge green leaves ...

Beautiful Lilly of the Valley design

The Ghinko design - a personal favourite

It was as beautiful as always and delightful to chat to the charming people who work there.

This trip has been accompanied by jet lag for some reason, and as I write this, there is a continual need to check whether it's time for breakfast yet!  Today we plan to visit Musée d'Orsay and Musée de l'Orangerie.

Until next time - Au revoir!!

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  1. what gorgeous photos, I love all those Pierre Frey cushions and of course all that divine table ware. Have fun xxx

    1. Thank you, as always dear FF. Your garden is giving you lots of joy! xxx

  2. How fabulous Jenny, what an experience it would be to be surrounded by such talent and gorgeous homewares.
    Paris never dissapoints- no matter what the season.
    Have fun and hope the jet lag improves before you have to head back home again!
    Marilyn xx

    1. Thank you dear Marilyn - I will always think of you in Paris and remember fondly the day we sat and enjoyed a coffee together! xxx

  3. Beautifull Jenny! And words can't express what a delight it was to finally meet in real life and spend some time together - a highlight of my week!! xo

    1. Likewise dear Stacey!... It felt as if we were old friends. So wonderful to put a face and personality to an already established respected opinion of you and your wonderful blog! xxxooo

  4. Gorgeous Jenny, so many visual delights in all the photos- in particular , the tableware absolutely divine.Paris photographs so well in all seasons, but there is something so special in Winter - hope the jet lag is improving

    1. Thanks so much Kim - it has been a delight walking around the city in the cool crisp weather. We have been so lucky with the weather not being too cold and with no rain!! xx

  5. I don't know even where to start!! Firstly, I am SO SUPER ENVIOUS that you're in Paris at the trade shows!!! I'm loving all your pictures though, and have been checking in with some of the designers who are over there at the moment.
    I love cabbage ware, but it is really hard to find in Adelaide, and no one sells it on the net in Australia sadly, so I only have one piece.
    I also agree with you 100% on the table cloth thing. I don't understand why all the upmarket restaurants have ditched the table cloth. It's a nice, civilised thing to do, especially when most people don't eat with a table cloth at home anymore, it's really a point of difference.
    Will look forward eagerly to more news from Paris. One day I'll get there! xxx

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Heidi! The trade shows are really hard work and obviously really important if one is running one's business relying on new products. I saw some wonderful products and it is really a very important design show. Don't get me started on the table cloth argument!!... I loathe sticky tables without napery! xxx

  6. Paris is wonderful anytime - except perhaps in mid-summer and then best avoided. Looks as though you've been having a fabulous time. Love all the pics. That Palais Royal area is one of our favourites - the history, gardens, boutiques, restaurants. The Galerie Vivienne we always visit and sometimes have coffee or lunch there. But there are so many temptations nearby - Le Grand Colbert where we always have a couple of meals (great weakness for their Bombe Alaska dessert which I always have served flambeed with Grand Marnier rather than the rum on the menu) - and of course the beautiful Grand Vefour, where we celebrate our wedding anniversary in June. Hopefully will do it again this year!
    So agree about tablecloths too. Have been collecting them for years from all over, many hand embroidered, eg traditional hand embroidered ones in Hungary (even met the lady who made them - DIL's family is from there), a blue and white embroidered one from a gypsy stall in a market near Athens, vintage French white linen and lace embroidered with cupidons, traditional vintage Australian embroidered cloths, some bought at the old antiques barn (Peppergreen I think it was) in your territory in Berrima, etc. One huge cloth I should have resisted at the Great Wall years ago - beautiful blue and white but far too big, designed for a table to seat twelve. Delusional thinking I'd maybe have a table big enough for 12. Also love the Provencal woven tablecloths and Les Olivades prints. Also have a fondness for cabbage ware, though haven't succumbed as my face dinner set is blue and white.

    Love all your posts. Jenny. Look forward to whatever you treat us to next. Pammie

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