Sunday, 6 April 2014

Family Holiday

Family holiday

We returned on 14 March from a very happy and successful family holiday.  I use the word successful as everyone was rather worried about how 3 little girls under the age of three were going to cope with jet lag, skiing, restaurant food and the general rough and tumble of very long distance travel that is the lot of us living in Australia.

We flew via Hong Kong to Zurich where we had a mini-bus fetch us for the trip to Lech in Austria. There were eleven of us including the little girls!

We were incredibly lucky to arrive to lots and lots of snow! 

Our lovely hotel - Gasthof Post

By the time we arrived at our hotel,  it was only 9.00am!   Everyone  was exhausted and in real need of a shower and lie-down!  We had to wait for our rooms but spent the time relaxing in this cosy room below

The sitting area of our hotel bedroom
The softest linen and such comfortable beds!
I love these tiles!

The skiing component of the holiday was wonderful!  The little cousins (apart from Arabella who was only 15 months old)  went to Ski School everyday!... there was much trepidation at first but they soon grew to love going each morning and they had each other for support!  As I don't ski anymore,  I enjoyed the wonderful sunny weather, walking around the village and a visit or two to the spa!   It was our first stay at this hotel and we cannot wait to return!

This is the very handsome Emilio... a guest at our hotel.  He would arrive in the dining room every evening with his owners,  and settle himself beneath their table.  He was adorable!

Our large table - where we had all of our breakfasts and dinners.

After ten happy days in Lech,  we left for Cape Town and the familiarity of the Vineyard Hotel.  Our children grew up in Cape Town and so it was a week of many reunions and visiting favourite places. 

The Vineyard Hotel

The delicious fresh fish of the day which we enjoyed most days!

The cosy "Quiet room" - just recently refurbished

We visited the iconic Mount Nelson Hotel one day for lunch. 

We enjoyed a delicious lunch on the terrace overlooking the pool.  The "Nellie"  is indeed a grand old lady!

We had coffee and cake at "Melissa's" in Constantia - which is a little like "Jones the Grocer" here in Australia.

Sniffing the lovely roses

Outdoor concert at Kirstenbosch gardens - what a venue!

After a very full and busy week in Cape Town,  we flew to Johannesburg and then on to Singita.  We had three unforgettable days in the peaceful beauty of the African bush.  Game viewing, swimming, jumping on the trampoline which  delighted the children.  We had the camp to ourselves.. had perfect weather and wonderful food.  The children were a pleasure during the game drives and remained fascinated throughout the three days!

The comfortable large veranda at Castleton

Sinking into these beds were a pleasure - loved the leather headboard too

Outdoor breakfast

This great shot of this cheetah was taken by my son using his phone and binoculars!

Table set for lunch beneath the pergola

The food was always delicious and inventive and the chef happily handed me typed recipes to take home!


  1. Stunning photos Jenny - what a wonderful holiday, and so great that you all enjoyed it despite the differing ages (particularly the little girls). Loved the photos of the hotel details, so diverse from the snow to a safari. Welcome home, and hope you're now feeling rejuvenated for the final push to get into your new home! xx

    1. Thanks Heidi... it was a wonderful time away with everyone! Now literally counting the days until I can once more wake up in the Southern Highlands! xx

  2. I agree with Heidi, these photos are divine! I love overseas family holidays, they are the absolute best!!! I can't wait to take my son on one with his ex pat cousins and aunts! Luff it all xxx

    1. Thanks FF! Well he is now 3 and I can vouch for excellent behaviour from both our 3year olds!... there were the odd moments but they were amazing! You will love seeing everything through his eyes! xx

  3. I followed your vacation on instagram and I did think what a lovely balance of snow and action versus sun and catching up. Funny my brother was in south africa on a safari at the very same time as you. But I forget the name. It did make me want to go on a safari...I must say your little girls are so well behaved and not many would say traveling with little kids was a triumph so credit to your family!!xx

    1. Hi Naomi! I haven't looked at this blog for such a long time!... and sorry not to reply to your comment! You would love South Africa! xx

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  5. Hi Jenny
    Love your holiday snaps . I've been following you on instagram but have no idea on how to comment. I'm just loving your new home
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Karen, Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Hope I am following you on Instagram!

  6. Dear Jenny,

    I've been following your instagram pics of your new home - they are lovely, thank you for sharing. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming operation - and hoping for a speedy recovery.

    Kind regards, Anon

    1. Hi Anon... Thanks so much for the good wishes... so kind of you! Wish I could fast forward a month!

  7. Hi Jenny,

    You know what you are right, Skiing was a wonderful experience. It’s nice to know that your child was strong enough to try skiing. Anyway I tried to ski last holiday at Chalet Hotel Aiguille Percee, actually skiing was not my idea before but when offered to me their All inclusive packages and explained to me how nice skiing is I grab it! It was an amazing experience!!!

  8. Seems like the whole family enjoyed that holiday. Lech looks like it really welcomed you with open arms. Oh, the joys of having to go on a holiday with the whole family. The girls must've been super thrilled. Also, the hotels you stayed in, even the one in Cape Town, all look very cozy indeed. I hope everyone will be able to go on a trip like that again soon. Thanks for sharing that! All the best! :)

    Marci Deegan @ Twin Pine Casino & Hotel

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