Thursday, 6 June 2013



I'm a bit intellectually debilitated by the jet lag so it's a short post tonight.  It's so lovely being home again in Sydney, Australia.  Seeing the adorable little grand-daughters,  shopping this afternoon for great produce for tonight's dinner and now, replete after a lovely meal!

We arrived in Sydney on Tuesday close to midnight and this was our supper before bed!

Yesterday was spent catching up with the family and in particular with the little girls - three of them under the age of two!



and Arabella - practising her sitting!
One of the things I miss most when away is cooking!

and fresh fruit

and this was dinner

I always bring the steak to room temperature and salt well before cooking.  This steak was about an inch thick - 4mins in a very hot pan or on a very hot BBQ on one side and 2 mins on the other.  We never rested this as the vegetables were ready!

Can't wait to see these little monkeys tomorrow.  Long weekend here in Australia and we are all going to spend the weekend together at the beach.  These simple pleasures are my idea of luxury...Wishing all Australians a lovely long weekend!


  1. Must be lovely to back home and see the little ones and the doggies! I always rest my meat before and after I cook it as well, doesn't it make such a huge difference? But unlike you I don't salt until actualy cooking because I find it leeches the moisture from the meat so when I marinade I use another salting agent like chopped up anchovies. Have a lovely weekend x

  2. Hi Naomi! My son Alex is a bit of an expert on cooking the perfect steak and he gave me this tip of salting well during the room temperature process. If the pan/BBQ is very hot the juices just dont leech out.. - give it a try and see!! I love sauces using anchovies too... they just swirl and melt away and give delicious flavour!.. Thanks and have a great weekend too! xx

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  4. I love your blog Jenny. And your dinner made my mouth water....yummy. In fact both dinner and midnight snack looked delicious.
    The little girls are so cute.
    A xx

  5. Hi Annette! Thanks very much for leaving a comment! I am really enjoying following you on Instagram - your photos are always beautiful! Jenny xx

  6. Welcome back! Love your Sydney kitchen - beautiful colour on the cabinets. My mum has the same tray as yours... if I remember correctly my Aunt gave it to her years ago for a Christmas gift and it came from Sydney! Must say though, you never stay still!! Off to the beach already? It's a wonder you ever draw breath! Have a lovely weekend with your family - the three little girls are all adorable - such fun to have them all close together in age. xx

  7. Haha Heidi!!! You are absolutely right... but do you honestly think that I would DARE not go with them all to the beach!!! I would be in the dog box with Penny and Bunny!!! I have had this tray for at least 8 years and absolutely love it.. thanks for the comments on the kitchen... the kitchen is really tiny and SO easy to work in... just a half turn each way and I'm there! xx

  8. Hi Jenny Welcome home. Have fun at the beach. Bonita x

  9. Hi Bonita! Thank you and have a lovely weekend! xx


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