Sunday, 14 April 2013



These past weeks have been both busy and quite exciting.  The latter because we have appointed a builder to build our new house. We have bought an old house in 'old Bowral' .. which is coming down and we will be building a new one in it's place.  I quite like the existing house.  It has two bay windows, is full brick and I thought it would renovate well.  But as we investigated further,  it became apparent  that the damp problems were pretty serious.  The builder told us that starting again would be cheaper in the long run.

Over the next months,  I will be sharing the building experiences and developing house... deliberating over decisions and ideas.  I do feel that I could be presumptuous in assuming that you all might be interested!  I will however,  have these posts to reflect back on when the projects reaches the end.

Below are a couple of pics of the old house.  The elevations have been drawn by Andrew Bell.  This is the second house that we are working on together and as before,  it is a pleasure.

The old house sits on a 1500sq meter block and it faces North.
Situated on a lovely street in "Old Bowral.  An easy walk into the town.

The rear of the property

This is the front elevation and to the far right is the garage which is shown in the photo below.

I love the new plans and am so looking forward to the whole project!  We are in the process of making many many decisions.  I know that the lovely Heidi of Adelaide Villa knows all about this as she is in the process of renovating her lovely home in Adelaide at present.

The demolishing team have been taking the old house apart for the past 10 days and I will show pics of the empty block in  the next post! 

I have found that Pinterest has been a wonderful place to  find and store ideas!  I am presently dreaming of ideas for the new garden.

Before I can really begin enjoying things I still have the move to face.  We have lived on the farm for 8 years and there is an enormous amount of clearing out and organising to get on top of.   Happy days!!

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  1. First demolishing, then clearing up, moving and settling in a new place is never a easy job. We have done it thrice and seem it takes ages to set in. Good luck for everything


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