Sunday, 14 April 2013



Taken in April last year in the countryside near Boussac

Packing up to leave for a couple of months is no small thing... well not to me anyway!  I just hate packing to go anywhere.. even if only to Sydney for a couple of days.  I loathe the clothing choice dilemma.  My wardrobe is so jumbled and un-coded.  It took ages today to sift through the 'possibles' and 'definites' and in the end I chucked it all in a huge case which I have to sort out tomorrow as I leave on Wednesday.

Mr R-I has bravely carried my bags for all the years we have travelled but not without complaint mind you.  Yes,  he is a resigned 'pack-horse'!  He regularly pleads with me to lighten the load, but I am simply unable to do so.  I usually start off really well, making piles on a spare bed and critically matching this with that, resulting in the piles getting smaller and smaller. Triumphant,  I then begin the careful process of transferring said piles into the gaping suitcase.  This is where the trouble starts.  I suppose I start feeling some sort of panic when looking at a half-full case and slowly the 'just in case' items start creeping in!

Anyway, the purpose of this little note is to say that I shall be in France for the next couple of months and although this is a blog mostly about the farm and life in the Highlands,  I don't think I will be breaking any rules by writing from France do you?

I will be in Boussac - a small town in the Limousin region as well as in Provence for a while and in Paris for a couple of days.  So... until then... 'au revoir' and 'a bientot' !!

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