Sunday, 14 April 2013


My daughter Sarah called me this morning.  She has friends coming over for Easter Lunch and asked for a couple of suggestions for her table.  What a pretty, colourful time of the year Easter celebrations are... especially in the Northern Hemisphere when all of the spring bulbs are out after a long and dormant winter, and Easter helps celebrate springtime!  I found a couple of photos below for her to get ideas from. 

We shall be in Japan for Easter... I really wonder if the Japanese celebrate Easter?  I shall have to blog about Japan and am so excited to be going as it is my first visit there.

This was my Easter table at South Acres last year.  The bronze bunny bookends were used to add to the theme !!

Aren't these Muscari So beautiful... I love this table-scape

WOW... what a fabulous colour combination !

This is so pretty and quite simple... Love the colour yellow at Easter!

Bunnies mini-Easter eggs and pansies !

Isn't this green and brown scheme lovely

I love the moss down the centre of the table!

Not sure whether or not this table is for Easter or not... but isn't it lovely !

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