Sunday, 14 April 2013


I have been noticing all week that blue seems to be everywhere in the decor world, and it's got me thinking about the colour blue in my garden.  In the herbaceous garden,  the predominant colours are apricot, bronze, orange and pale yellow.  I definitely want to see more blue in my garden and now is the time to make decisions about what will be flowering in the garden next spring/summer.  I will be looking through the bulb catalogues this weekend for  blue ideas and buying more Giant Delphiniums are definitely on my list as well.  We have hot summers here in Australia... perhaps not as hot here in the Highlands as in other parts, and blue is such a cooling colour and it looks so perfectly beautiful with green... my favourite colour combination.

My hydrangeas were wonderful this year.  I have blue and white hydrangeas planted in the woodland garden.  We have  had so much rain and so many gloomy days this summer, that I was unable to take good photographs of them.  I have hunted through my photos and see below some blue flowers in my garden... and hopefully many more next year!

At least I have a good photo of the blue hydrangeas in a vase on my entry table !

Clusters of perfectly formed little flowers - the Hydrangea

Blue bells next to the pond

Aquilegaia near the wooden bridge

Newly planted giant delphinium in my courtyard in early summer

Close-up of the delphinium - amazing blue !

Beautiful Bluebells

Bluebells growing next to the pond - early spring and Forget-me-not behind.

Plumbago - such a pure soft blue - Indigenous to South Africa

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